Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunset on Mother's Day

Hope every mother out there had herself a great Mother's Day!

Spent the morning helping a Dnepr owner try and get his rig's engine running, progress was made but still a long way to go....

The afternoon was spent resting from the festivities yesterday as we hosted a "Prom Party for Parents" for some neighborhood friends.

Evening came along and Fiona, my '99 Bural with the Beemer Engine headed out to the usual sunset picture taking spot.

By the time the sun set, there were several vehicles which had joined me at the spot, apparently the word is getting out.  It was fine, except for the douche who decided to share his music with the rest of us as we watched the sunset.

Fortunately, I was listening to music on my bluetooth headset and just drowned out his crap.

Here's the pics that came out best, hope you like them:

 A pano attempt to capture the gorgeous sunset colors 
spread across the Front Range mountains

Monday, May 08, 2017

Saturday's Riding and we now have a Bee Hive

This past Saturday, it was Brigitta's turn for a ride (yes, a much overdue ride).

It was a sunny day, partly cloudy and warm so we rode south on CO Hwy 83 past the swarming cager nest that the town of Parker has become; through the small town of Franktown past the crowded parking lot of the local biker bar filled with Harley-Davidsons and finally onto the open spaces south.

It felt,  quite refreshing, to be on something that could get to 75 mph with ease and hold that speed without straining anything or anyone.

I turned Brigitta off the highway at the junction with County Road 11 and slowly made my way down some gravelly dirt road to pose her with Pikes Peak in the background.

Note to self: when you mess with camera presets in order to do astro-photography, remember to put things back to the way they were!  I took many pictures with the wrong focal length set on the camera this way.

Brigitta and Pikes Peak

We got home in time for a late lunch and an afternoon of relaxing between errands as the day had turned quite hot for me to stay out riding.  Yep, the travails of ATGATT.

It was also the afternoon where our friend Dale B. had asked for time to install a new bee hive (he's actively trying to keep the bees alive in our area).

Quite a fascinating process and the bees, confused as they were by it all, didn't attack as they flew around the space near us during the whole process.

BTW, while Dale B. does get calls to collect bee swarms, this particular set of bees he bought from some outlet for about $120, not sure if that includes the price of a queen bee which is about $35!

The above excitement done with, the time came for some sunset pictures.  It didn't turn out very colorful in terms of Colorado sunsets but it was OK:

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Star Wars Day or May The Fourth be with You!

Here's the sunset we enjoyed along the Colorado Front Range, on what has apparently now become known as Star Wars Day:  May the Fourth be with You!

 I really like it when the sunlight splits into beams

 After the sun set, the light reflecting off the clouds
above Denver made it look like the sky was on fire

The last light from the sun, turning the 
bottom of the clouds blood red

Can you believe we started the week with snow on the trees and grounds?  I love Colorado!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Spring Snow and May Day Sunset

Since we moved to Colorado during the Winter of '97, we've always had to wait till almost Mother's Day before turning on the underground sprinklers to water our lawn.

You see, there's always one last snow fall just before Mother's Day weekend.

This past Saturday, I think we got the expected snow fall, about three inches, but it was wet snow and it didn't stick around for a long time at all.

Still, it was enough to get me to go riding with Scarlett for what should be the last set of snow pics until sometime in October of this year.

As you can see, it made the trees look pretty good though I wonder how much the snow damaged the spring growth already evident in the trees.

May Day, first day in May, the international call for help for vessels and planes, what used to be when the Soviet Union paraded its military might at the Kremlin....such a mixed bag of signals for one day.

The sunset for May Day was not great, but there were brief, oh so very brief, instances when the light shone through the massive clouds along the Colorado Front Range:

 Fiona at the May Day Sunset

 This picture would have been better had one of the light beams 
shone on the Denver skyline buildings to the right....

I liked the way the red light shone through the layers of clouds...

Scarlett and I are home safe from a week in the Moab, Utah region.  I wonder where we shall go next together.