Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brochure Pictures

My wife calls them "shiny papers", those spiffy glossy brochures one finds at the motorcycle dealer which try to convince you that you need to buy their wares.

While perusing the site which I stumbled upon recently, I found a softcopy of BMW's 2003 Brochure for my motorcycle.

The below picture is so well done, portrays my motorcycle and the rider in such a great way, that I probably would have had serious thoughts of buying a motorcycle had I been at the dealers back in 2003! : )

Coincidentally, I ride with a light gray/silver jacket/black overpants in the summer and I'd like to believe I look at least half as studly as the rider depicted below! Yeah, I know, dream on.....

Overfarkled perhaps?

I saw this post today on the "Bikes in the Fast Lane" website.

I must confess to a penchant for electronic farkles and on again/off again search/lust for gadgets to mount on my BMR shelf on my R1150RT.

The bikes show at the link though, would put my wildest ambitions to shame.

Here's the one I liked best from all the ones at the post, check them all out if you wish.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am really loving these ATV grip covers!

Temperatures from 20-22 F° during the morning commute into work.
I rode away from home wearing just my winter lined leather gloves thinking for some reason that it was in the 30s. The forecast called for highs in the mid to upper 30s so I guess that's why it stuck in my mind.

It was actually in the very low 20s as I cruised out of the neighborhood, picking my way through the ice patches and snow dustings. The snow dusting was just the result of the high winds we continue to "enjoy" here in the Front Range. The SW portion of Colorado is getting big winds and big snow, blizzard warnings all over that area. Beautiful area but glad I don't live there right now.

So anyways, I realized I'd made a mistake about a third of the way into my commute. The heated grips, on high, were not keeping my fingers warm! Tried to tough it out but about halfway through the commute I pulled off into this parking lot and put the ATV grip covers on along with my summer gloves.

Aaaaahhhh, much better! My fingers started thawing out soon after I started moving again and it no longer felt so cold overall. Nice. Had I been thinking, I would have followed the rule of thumb that if the temperature is below 30, its time for the grip covers.

I got to work feeling nice and toasty except of course for a bit of cold in the toes and face. Oh well. LINK to posting re these grip covers.

Here's the temperatures in the Denver Metro area as I type this:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry Mate, I didn't see you!

Great biker awareness safety video on youtube.

Saw it on Beaker's Cruisin' Down Under blog.

Being ex-Army, I had a chance to ride the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank; a similar tank to the British one in the video. That was a fun ride!

The video clearly illustrates the typical cager's blindness when it comes to motorcyclists. I like the way they use a tank to show the cager how fragile his cage is, kind of like how fragile our motorcycles are against the average car!

LINK to the Devon Government Site which created the movie.