Monday, May 13, 2019

T-Dubing and Glamping in Moab, Days 1 & 2

Sunday, May 12

Drove Umarange, the URRV, towing Yagi, the 2006 Yamaha TW200 (T-Dub) 6 hrs to The Utah border, 7 to Willow Springs shortly after 1700 with 1006 departure.  The thought was to use the same spot as the last time I was here but after I wasted two hours trying to find a free spot that had good signal, had ot give it up.

I drove 10 miles back north to North Klondike Bluff and found a site with great signal since right across the highway from cell tower.  Had the site all to myself and I was happy.

Monday May 13.

Woke to a "meh" sunrise.  While taking pics, I also got this one of some type of white flower which is springing up all around the campsite:

I noticed a large truck on top of the hills across the highway from the BLM site and saw there was a road to explore on top!  It leads to the new dump, hence the name: New Dump Road.

Maybe a good spot for sunset pics?

Between work tasks, I rode out perhaps five miles to the entrance road to the Mills Canyon BLM site.  The campsites there were crowded and signal sucked so its just as well I didn't try.

I kept going and found the signs pointing to the Monitor and Merrimac OHV Loop so that's where I went!

 There were some campsites at the base of Courthouse Rock
but again the signal sucked.

I rode familiar roads, previously ridden on my Ural Sidecar Rigs during Ural rallies in Moab.  Yagi, the T-Dub did great in all the terrain except deep loose sand.  I even lowered the air pressure on the tires to about 16 PSI and while it did help, there were long stretches where I was in outrigger mode!

My office during a work call....
Monitor and Merrimac in the background

Still, I only dropped her once, she's as surefooted as a goat and made up for my lack of off-road abilities.  I did bottom out her front suspension more times than I care to admit so I have to learn to pick better lines in the rough and rocky spots.

 The Pillars of Determination

 The Merrimac Rock Formation

 The Monitor Rock Formation

On the western side of the Merrimac Rock formation is the spot where Ural riders and a monkey hanging off the right side, learn to traverse a rather sloping patch to the slick rock below.  Yagi just climbed to the top edge of the sloping area and pootled on through, though with some trepidation on my part!

 The Slick Rock ridge west of Merrimac Rock Formation

Retracing my steps, I wasted some time trying to return to Mills Canyon via different route (to avoid too much retracing of steps).  Trouble was I kept encountering signs saying the path was closed to vehicles for restoration of the landscape.  So I did end up retracing the whole way.

 Another view of the Pillars of Determination from 
Road 7R which I used to get closer to the Merrimac
and Monitor Rock formations.

 The Monitor Rock formation and a large
puddle we found for artsy shots.

 Finally, made it back to within view of the 
UT191 Highway!

I got back to the campsite, exhausted and thirsty.  The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and finishing some work tasks.  It was nice and cool under the URRV's awning while the rest of the place basked in bright sunshine and low 80s in termperature.

Sunset came and I headed back to New Dump Road.  

 Posing Yagi on one of the hillsides, with the
Las Sal Mountains in the background.

The sunset proved pretty good for silhouetting Yagi against the sun and distant rock formations.

A pretty good day, not sure where I'll head tomorrow but am thinking perhaps the Canyonlands National Park even though its 35 miles away.  We shall see.


RichardM said...

Had the site all to yourself in Moab! That alone is a feat from what I’ve heard. I like the first sunset photo even without clouds...

redlegsrides said...

Moab has indeed gotten very crowded....thanks for the comments.